Replacement with ResiGlass

Replacement of Steel with Resi Glass Bandage

Steel bandage was replaced with insulation bandage and improvised dielectric properties of BL Exciter armature winding. Tension device had been manufactured and green stage polyester glass tape had been wound on armature overhang. Cured at high temperature in electric oven. HV tested. It possess high mechanical strength equivalent to steel bandage, in addition high insulation resistance and anti tracking properties.

Resi Glass Taping with Tension Device


Cured Insulation Bandage


Test Equipments
  • Winding Restence Meter
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Thermo vision camera
  • Tan Delta test set
  • Megger
  • Sfra
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC HIPOT KIT (75kV-20mA)
  • Digital ELCID
  • Corona Probe
  • Digital RSO
  • Thermo Vision Camera
  • SFRA
  • Surge Comparison
  • Automatic Turns Ratio Meter
  • Boro Scope
  • Harmonic Analyzer
  • DC HV
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Winding Resistance Meter
  • IR & PI
  • PD Analyzer
  • RSO
  • Tan Delta/ Capacitance Measurement
List of Equipment with MRTG