Refurbishment of 8 KVA, 220V Permanent Magnet Generator

A damaged permanent magnet generator (PMG) was totally refurbished by manufacturing rotating permanent magnets, stator core and winding. Magnets had been magnetized with capacitor discharge magnetizer. The winding was globally vacuum pressure impregnated in epoxy resins to achieve high dielectric parameters.



Permanent Magnets Manufacture and Assembly

High speed balancing had been conducted for equal mass distribution, to verify mechanical integrity and as a testimony of qualitative work accomplished. Electrical and dielectric tests had been performed such as insulation resistance (IR), polarization index (PI), DC HV, AC Impedance, Ohmic resistance (OR), surge testing and flux density measurement by Gauss meter.


Magnetization of Permanent Magnets with Capacitor Discharge Magnetizer



PMG Stator Core and Winding Manufacture

Test Equipments
  • Winding Restence Meter
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Thermo vision camera
  • Tan Delta test set
  • Megger
  • Sfra
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC HIPOT KIT (75kV-20mA)
  • Digital ELCID
  • Corona Probe
  • Digital RSO
  • Thermo Vision Camera
  • SFRA
  • Surge Comparison
  • Automatic Turns Ratio Meter
  • Boro Scope
  • Harmonic Analyzer
  • DC HV
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Winding Resistance Meter
  • IR & PI
  • PD Analyzer
  • RSO
  • Tan Delta/ Capacitance Measurement
List of Equipment with MRTG