Rotating Rectifier Wheel

Recondition of Rotating Rectifier Wheel Assembly  

Low IR and flash over of rectifier wheel in brushless exciter stalled turbine generator train in turn power production in power plant of industrial sector. This assembly is a complicated built in assembly of  electronic items such as high power diodes, protecting semi conductor fuses, RC blocks with copper links and dielectric insulation barriers of various configurations as shown in fig.


Total refurbishment of rotating rectifier wheel assembly had been carried on no. of BL Exciters  of  various OEMs. Each and every component had been dismantled and assessed the electro mechanical and dielectric properties.

New power diodes had been manufactured at our works and duly tested in our own labs before retrofitting. The semiconductor protective fuse gears were replaced with new ones. RC blocks were produced at our works and assembled. (These items are being manufactured and furnished to OEMs). The dielectric insulation components are manufactured from Cl. F epoxy glass fabric laminates. After thorough cleaning and anti track paint application, high power electronic gadgets are fitted in sequence. Quality of the work is ensured during process by IR and HV testing. Final tests had been conducted such as IR, PI, DCHV, forward and reverse biased resistance on rectifier assembly. Finally, the machine was high speed balanced and HV tested before dispatch.

Test Equipments
  • Winding Restence Meter
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Thermo vision camera
  • Tan Delta test set
  • Megger
  • Sfra
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC HIPOT KIT (75kV-20mA)
  • Digital ELCID
  • Corona Probe
  • Digital RSO
  • Thermo Vision Camera
  • SFRA
  • Surge Comparison
  • Automatic Turns Ratio Meter
  • Boro Scope
  • Harmonic Analyzer
  • DC HV
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Winding Resistance Meter
  • IR & PI
  • PD Analyzer
  • RSO
  • Tan Delta/ Capacitance Measurement
List of Equipment with MRTG