"With our experience and engineering knowledge,
We're much more than a hardware provider"

MRTG Power Diagnostic Tests Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in 2008 and to focus entirely on electrical/mechanical diagnostic testing services on electrical power generation equipment. As a corporate philosophy MRTG honors the commitments of time with multiple sets of test equipment and teams of engineers to meet the customer's schedules simultaneously.


Competition is on the rise, resources are stretched, Companies in the power industry must maintain high production levels and maximize their profit. Performing the right maintenance, on the right machines, at the right time is vital to success.

Persons Behind

MRTG Power Diagnostic Tests is established by Mr.K.Malla Reddy as a Managing Director in the Year 2008. Mr.P.G.S. Kumar is Retired A.G.M from BHEL,Hyderabad.He is the Technical Director of the Company

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Test Equipments
  • Winding Restence Meter
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Thermo vision camera
  • Tan Delta test set
  • Megger
  • Sfra
  • Resistance Measurement
  • DC HIPOT KIT (75kV-20mA)
  • Digital ELCID
  • Corona Probe
  • Digital RSO
  • Thermo Vision Camera
  • SFRA
  • Surge Comparison
  • Automatic Turns Ratio Meter
  • Boro Scope
  • Harmonic Analyzer
  • DC HV
  • Wedge Deflection
  • Winding Resistance Meter
  • IR & PI
  • PD Analyzer
  • RSO
  • Tan Delta/ Capacitance Measurement
List of Equipment with MRTG